Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My Mother's Day Present

It seems like my kids have caught the creative bug from me and my sisters.

For mother's day, they gave me a pair of earrings that they have created themselves with the help of my sister.

earrings by my kids

So, what exactly did my kids do in this project?

1. They conditioned the pmc+ clay in their hands (they said it was just like playing with playdoh)

2. They chose the shape of the earring (they thought that i would love the diamond shape and they were right!).

3. They chose the design of the earring (they thought that bubbles were cute) and they stamped it on the clay.

4. They cut the clay (which is evident from the imperfect cut).

5. They cut a hole for the earring hook using a juice straw (they were proud of the perfect hole)

6. They engraved their names at the back of the earring they made (so i could tell which one was made by whom).

7. After my sister had placed their project on the kiln, they eagerly awaited for it to dry (this step brought them much excitement).

8. They polished it using cloth and burnisher (of course my sister finished off the polishing)

9. They packaged it in a box.

Since receiving it, I've been wearing this almost everyday and my kids get a kick out of seeing me wear it.


irish said...

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Craig said...

Hello. I added you to both of my sites. and Pls add me. keep in touch. God bless.

irish said...

your kids are soo sweet. :) i hope my 9 month old baby grows to be as sweet and creative as yours. :) good morning


Artsy Creatures said...

hi irish and craig! thanks for dropping by. added you guys already. :)

irish said...

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caryn said...

wow, it's wonderful that your kids are creative at such an early stage ;-) i used to hate crafting and home EC, now i absolutely love it!

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