Friday, April 25, 2008

I Love My Bead Board!

When I am working on my designs, there is nothing more frustrating than to work on a piece for hours only to realize that the piece doesn't end up to be exactly the size I need.

So I finally got myself a bead board where I can lay out the beads in the order that I want. I can easily design it to suit the length I need and I can adjust all I want before I even finalize it.

I love putting out my materials on the bead board and playing mix and match with all the colors and shapes. I find that it gives me greater flexibility and without the hassle.


DanieL said...

It's for you to preview the design before getting them together?

Looking forward to see more of your design =)

liza said...

you've got great designs here. i used to make bead accessories too, pero pang amateur lang hehe.

Artsy Creatures said...

hi daniel and liza, thanks for dropping by.

@ daniel - yes, its to preview before you put them together.

@ liza - thanks! that's how we started too. initially, we only made for ourselves. eventually, people started to notice our designs and then the orders came.

melai said...

nice haha I have something to say too! I need juice!

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